Paragon Partition Manager MBR Problem

When you install Paragon Partition Manager, it updates your MBR (Master Boot Record), which is a standard code at first 512-byte sector of your partitioned device.

So, if you have windows installed, working fine, it has an MBR which contains code, that tells the hardware about the location which should be used to load the Operating System Software. When you install Paragon Partition Manager, it updates that MBR, and now, your hardware is unaware of from where to load the windows.

When, you install this software, it asks to restart windows, before restarting, do follow the following steps to correct the MBR.

  1. Launch Paragon Partition Manager.
  2. Select Hard Disk > Update MBR.
    Update MBR Menu
  3. Click “Yes” to update.
    Update MBR Screen


If you can’t boot to windows because you didn’t do this and restarted, then follow this guide to correct the corrupted MBR.

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